Consists of the following:
  • Our sources are located throughout Asia.

  • Since the late ’70’s we have lived and/or worked in Asia in our own factories and trading companies.

  • The long term relationships with our factories have spanned the last 3 decades.

  • We have access to multiple suppliers. We obtain the best possible price from the most suitable supplier.

  • We know plastic bags.

  • We only work with plants that are ISO certified.

  • We are your local contact with Asia. We utilize the socio/economic benefits of each country and bring them direct to our customers.

  • We supply our customers with the security and knowledge that these relationships provide.
Quality Control
  • All products are guaranteed to meet customer satisfaction.

  • All factories have QC systems in place that are enforced by us.
    From extrusion, to printing, to the bag machines, and then to the hand work QC systems are in place.

  • Each production run has its case numbered consecutively for identification.

  • All printing is based on the Pantone Color System unless otherwise specified.

  • We primarily print in rotogravure. Though we have the ability to print utilizing flexographic print.

  • We specify & randomly check the net weight of the case to ensure continuity of quality of your product.

  • Samples are sent to us by each factory for approval. We then send those samples to the customer for your reference.

  • We have the ability to analyze products and revise specifications for optimal performance.

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