What can you expect from Pagoda Enterprises as your source for plastic bags?
  • A partner that can offer you the benefits of the international marketplace.

  • Product sourcing by people that know the right plant for the right job.

  • All international and domestic logistics are arranged by Pagoda.

  • Pagoda is your local partner that knows international trading.

  • We know plastic bags.

  • Updates to shipping schedule.

  • Guaranteed high quality products.

  • Rotogravure printing ensures superior print quality.

  • All orders are custom made to the specifications of each individual customer.

  • Annual contracts are available.

  • We can produce almost any type of plastic bag. See product list.

  • Our prices excel with jobs that require manual labor, i.e.. high end bags.

  • On small orders a production sample will be submitted at the beginning of production.

  • On larger orders a pre-production sample is issued within 4 weeks. Once approved it takes around 8 weeks to be delivered.

  • We provide cases that are palletized and shrink wrapped delivered to any warehouse in the world.
  • We guarantee our quality.

  • Customer confidentially is guaranteed.

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